Burn Bootstrapper installer major upgrade doesn’t uninstall previous version

This post provides the solution for one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had! I created this burn bootstrapper installer setup which installs and uninstall properly. But behaves abnormally during a major upgrade. That is, when you perform a major upgrade, the previous installed version wouldn’t uninstall and the new version will be installed side by side. If this was your issue, then you’re at the right place!

First of all make sure you’ve done the major upgrade the way it is expected to be done. If you have miss any of the following steps, then take a deep breath and just do it!

  • Change the product element’s ID attribute to a new GUID
  • Increment the product element’s version attribute
  •  Add and configure a major upgrade element. Which would look like,


<MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer version of [ProductName] is already installed"

But in my case, I had done all this and I still was facing the issue. Wasted a lot of time on this as I couldn’t find an answer for this in any blogs or stackoverflow questions. I turned to my installer logs and this is what I found there.

[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i100: Detect begin, 2 packages
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i102: Detected related bundle: {f57e276b-2b99-4f55-9566-88f47c0a065c}, type: Upgrade, scope: PerMachine, version:, operation: None
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i103: Detected related package: {8C442A83-F559-488C-8CC4-21B1626F4B8E}, scope: PerMachine, version:, language: 0 operation: Downgrade
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i103: Detected related package: {8201DD23-40A5-418B-B016-4D29BE6F010B}, scope: PerMachine, version:, language: 0 operation: Downgrade
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i101: Detected package: KubeUpdaterServiceInstallerId, state: Obsolete, cached: Complete
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i101: Detected package: MosquittoInstallerId, state: Obsolete, cached: Complete
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:49:19]i199: Detect complete, result: 0x0
[0980:3888][2016-04-22T16:51:43]i500: Shutting down, exit code: 0x0

As you can see, it just stopped at the detect complete state. It was supposed to begin the planning phase but it didn’t! I wasted a lot of time in find a solution and in the end arrived at one!

There is this method called “DetectComplete” which is called at the end of the detect phase. So I hooked onto that method and called the plan phase manually. Now the upgrade function works like a charm! it smoothly installs the new version while removing any previous contents! So below is the implementation of it.

void DetectComplete(object sender, DetectCompleteEventArgs e)
Bootstrapper.Engine.Log(LogLevel.Verbose,&quot;fired! but does that give you any clue?! idiot!&quot;);
if (LaunchAction.Uninstall == Bootstrapper.Command.Action)
Bootstrapper.Engine.Log(LogLevel.Verbose, &quot;Invoking automatic plan for uninstall&quot;);

Hope this helps someone else looking for a solution for this same issue!


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