Getting the progress percentage from a burn bootstrapper installer

One of the basic requirements from an installer created using burn bootstrapper would be to display the progress percentage. I had a tough time finding a proper solution to this as most of the solutions on the internet didn’t work properly while displaying the uninstall percentage. So I have put together variety of things I had searched into one single solution.  So let’s get started!

In order to display the progress bar, we need to handle two events. First of which is the CacheAcquireProgress. This will give you the percentage related to caching the package. Next is the ExecuteProgress percentage, which will give you the percentage for the executed packages. Now most of the sites had specified to add both of the values and divide it by two. This cannot be done as some actions will not be having a cache phase. So in order to find the denominator,  we need to use the OnApplyBegin in v4 of WiX and OnApplyPhaseCount in versions below 4. Since there hasn’t been a stable v4 release yet, I will give you sample of how its done in versions under v4 with the OnApplyPhaseCount method.

Create a view for the percentage bar as shown below.

<WrapPanel Margin="10" >
<Label VerticalAlignment="Center">Progress:</Label>
<Label Content="{Binding Progress}" />
<ProgressBar Width="200"
Value="{Binding Progress}"
Maximum="100" />

Now let’s bind this to a property called progress.

private int progress;
public int Progress


return this.progress;
this.progress = value;
this.RaisePropertyChanged(() => this.Progress);

Now let’s add the event handlers for the CacheAcquireProgress and ExecuteProgress events.

private int cacheProgress;
private int executeProgress;

private int phaseCount;

this.Bootstrapper.CacheAcquireProgress += (sender, args);
this.cacheProgress = args.OverallPercentage;
this.Progress = (this.cacheProgress + this.executeProgress) / phaseCount;
this.Bootstrapper.ExecuteProgress += (sender, args);
this.executeProgress = args.OverallPercentage;
this.Progress = (this.cacheProgress + this.executeProgress) / phaseCount;

We then get the phase count by hooking onto the ApplyPhaseCount method as shown below.

WixBA.Model.Bootstrapper.ApplyPhaseCount += this.ApplyPhaseCount;

private void ApplyPhaseCount(object sender, ApplyPhaseCountArgs e)
    this.phaseCount= e.PhaseCount;

This would give you the perfect progress percentage for your custom installer!


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